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Throughout the life of Menstrie Parish Church which now exceeds well over 100 years, it has been fortunate to find people who are willing to give of their time; talents and dedication for the benefit of the Church and its members.     Some of those people take on the role of Ordained Elders giving service through the Kirk Session and we were delighted to present Long Service Certificates to the following Elders:


Helenor Wilson           ordained on 24 April 1977

Ian Watson                  ordained on 11 May 1980

Les Sawers                  ordained on 22 May 1983

Mike Hamilton            ordained on 11 May 1986

James McAlpine          ordained on 11 May 1986

Calum MacLeod         ordained on 11 May 1986

Sandra Small               ordained on 10 June 1990


Congratulations and thanks to them all.